King of virgins and Lover of chastity and innocence,
extinguish in my frame,
by the dew of Thy heavenly blessing,
the fuel of evil concupiscence,
that I may be pure both in soul and in body.
Mortify in my members the lusts of the flesh and all harmful emotions,
and give me true and persevering chastity with Thine other gifts
which please Thee in truth,
so that I may with chaste body and pure heart
offer unto Thee the sacrifice of praise.
For with what contrition of heart and fountain of tears,
with what reverence and awe,
with what chastity of body and purity of soul,
should not that Divine and heavenly Sacrifice be celebrated,
wherein Thy flesh is indeed eaten,
where Thy blood is indeed drunk,
wherein things lowest and highest,
earthly and Divine, are united,
where the holy Angels are present,
and where Thou art in a marvellous and unspeakable manner
both Sacrifice and Priest!


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