Who can worthily be present at this Sacrifice,
unless Thou, O God, makest him worthy?
I know, O Lord, yea, truly do I know,
and this do confess to Thy loving-kindness,
that I am unworthy to approach so great a Mystery,
by reason of my numberless sins and negligences;
but I know, and truly with my own heart do I believe,
and with my mouth confess,
that Thou canst make me worthy,
who alone canst make that clean
which proceedeth from that which is unclean,
and sinners to be just and holy.
By this Thine Almighty power I beseech Thee, O my God,
to grant that I, a sinner,
may assist at this Sacrifice with fear and trembling,
with purity of heart and plenteous tears,
with spiritual gladness and heavenly joy.
May my mind feel the sweetness of Thy most blessed Presence,
and the love of Thy holy Angels,
keeping watch around me.


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