May the intercession
of the glorious Martyr, St. Expedite,
recommend us, O my God,
to Thy goodness,
in order that his protection
may obtain for us what our own merits
are powerless to do.


We supplicate Thee Lord, to inspire,
by Thy grace all our thoughts and actions,
that thou being their principle,
we may by the intercession of St. Expedite,
be conducted with courage,
fidelity and promptitude,
at the time proper and favorable,
and come to a good and happy end,
through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


St. Expedite honored by the gratitude of those
who have invoked thee at the last hour
and for pressing cases,
we pray thee to obtain
from the all powerful goodness of God,
by the intercession of Mary Immaculate,
(today or such a day)
the grace we solicit with all submission
to the Divine Will.


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