Good Saint Joseph,
you were the head of the Holy Family in the little house at Nazareth.
You know the responsibilities, the joys and sorrows,
the duties and rights of that position.
Please, in your loving kindness,
remembering the goods days at Nazareth,
bless the head of our family.
Help him in his needs.
Make him kind and pure and gentle, as you were.
Make him understanding and gracious,
and obtain for him the kind of trust in God’s loving providence
that guided and supported you in Egypt.
Obtain for the lady of our house, too,
the same graciousness and kindliness,
the same devotedness to duty
and patient humility that Mary had.
Help, please, the children Of this house
to form themselves after the model for all children,
the Holy Child of your house in Nazareth.
And when we all finally come to the last moment of our earthly life,
just before the beginning of our life with You
and your Holy Family in heaven,
stand by us, dear Joseph,
and obtain for us the greatest of all graces,
that of dying, as you did,
a happy and holy death,
in the company of Mary and Jesus.


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