Act Of Dedication To Our Lady

Most holy, immaculate Virgin Mary,
to your motherly heart Jesus entrusted his disciples
and to us He has given you.
I thank you, O most beautiful and noble of women,
that you have always loved me as a mother,
and I want to provide afresh for you an honored place in my life.
Obtain for me from Jesus
the gift of a new beginning and a new heart:
a heart open and obedient to God’s Word;
a heart simple as a child’s;
a heart bold in sacrifice;
a chaste heart;
a thankful heart;
a compassionate heart;
a heart like yours,
O Mary.
Enfold in your mercy, dear Mother,
all my dear ones especially….(pause)
and all who have a special claim to your help

– children and young people,
-the sick and the suffering,
-the forgotten and the poor of this world.

Join your prayers to our petitions
for those who do not cease to be your children
even though they have abandoned the faith and fallen into sin.
May a remembrance of your love and beauty
touch their hearts at depths we can not reach.
As at Pentecost,
so now pray for the Church;
pray for our parish,
our priests,
our Brothers and our Sisters,
and for all of us,
who strive to serve others in the name of Jesus, your Son.
With all generations,
we will ever call you blessed, O Mary,
our Mother of Perpetual Help,
for God, the Almighty,
has indeed done great things for you,
and you have been and are so gracious to us:
O clement, O loving,
O sweet Virgin Mary.

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