Blessing Of Pasture, Meadows, And Fields

O God,
through whom every good thing has its beginning,
and through whom it is improved and increased;
grant, we beseech Thee,
to us who cry to Thee,
that this work,
which we are beginning
for the praise of Thy name,
may be happily brought to completion
through the never-failing gift
of Thy fatherly wisdom.
Through Christ our Lord.


Almighty, eternal God,
Thou hast given to Thy priests a special grace
so that we may be sure
that whatever is worthily done by them in Thy name
is done also by Thee.
We beseech Thy clemency
that Thou wouldst visit what we now visit,
that Thou wouldst bless what we now bless,
and that Thou wouldst stretch forth
Thy mighty right arm
over that which we now do, and that,
by the merits and intercession of Thy saints
and this entrance of our humble persons,
the demons may be put to flight
and the angel of peace may enter in.
Through Christ our Lord.


Send forth Thy spirit
and they shall be created;
And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
For the Lord will give goodness;
And our earth shall yield her fruit.

We humbly beseech Thy clemency, O Lord,
that Thou wouldst render these fields (pastures, meadows)
fertile with rains in due season,
that Thou wouldst fill them with Thy blessing,
and so grant that Thy people
may be ever thankful for Thy gifts.
Take infertility from the earth
and fill the hungry with Thy gifts
which the fruitful earth will yield in fullness
that the poor and needy
may praise the name of Thy glory
forever and ever.

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