Blessing Of Stables

O Lord, Almighty God,
who didst decree that Thy only- begotten Son,
our Redeemer,
should be born in a stable
and laid in a manger
between an ox and an ass,
bless, we beseech Thee,
this stable and preserve it
from every deceit
and snare of the devil
that horses and cattle within it
may be healthy and secure from all harm.

And if “the ox knoweth his owner,
and the ass his master’s crib,”
grant that Thy servants,
whom Thou hast made to Thy own image
and hast placed only a little lower than the angels
may not be like unreasoning animals;
that they may not be like the horse and the mule
that have no understanding,
but that they may acknowledge Thee,
the one true God,
the Author of all good,
and that Thy servants may persevere in Thy service.
Grant that Thy servants
may always give thanks to Thee
for the gifts they have received from Thee;
and make them worthy to receive ever greater benefits.
Through the same Christ our Lord.


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