Most Holy Mary, Mother all-good and all-loving… (For A Happy Death)

Most Holy Mary, Mother all-good and all-loving,
when I remember my sins and think of the moment of death,
I tremble and scarcely know where to turn.
But my hope is in the Blood of Jesus Christ
and thy powerful intercession,
O my loving Mother.

Comforter of the afflicted,
be with me in that hour,
console me in that great affliction.
If even now the remorse over my sins,
the uncertainty of pardon,
the danger of relapse,
and the rigor of Divine Justice so frighten me,
how will it be with me then?

Ah my Lady, obtain for me before death comes
a deep sorrow for my sins, true amendment,
and fidelity to God for the remainder of my days.

And when at last the hour of death arrives,
O Mary my hope, help me in that terrible anguish
in which I will find myself.
Strengthen me against despair over the remembrance of my sins,
which the devil will call up before me.

Obtain for me the grace to call upon thee over and over in that dread hour,
so that I may die with thy name
and the name of thy most holy Son on my lips.
Thou hast granted this grace to so many of thy clients.
I too desire it and hope for it.


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