Novena To The Holy Spirit # 7 (10 days before Pentecost)

Divine Spirit,
all of us children of God
are an edifice built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets
with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone.
In Christ the whole structure is being closely fitted together by You
to become God’s temple consecrated to the Lord.

St. Paul warns me: “Do not extinguish the Spirit,”
Never let me despise the utterances You inspire,
but accept them all.

Give me the grace to hold on to that which is good,
and have nothing to do with any kind of evil.

Divine Author of grace,
make me perfect in holiness.
May every part of my being, soul and body,
be preserved blameless for the day when our Lord Jesus Christ shall come.

You have called me to holiness.
Make me worthy of that call.
By Your power accomplish all my yearning for moral goodness,
and bring to perfection the actions my faith prompts.

In this way may the Name of our Lord Jesus be glorified in me,
and may I be glorified in Him by Your Grace,
which He merited for me.
God’s love is poured forth in our hearts by You,
Holy Spirit, Who have given us.
Pour forth that grace into my own heart in rich abundance.


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