Blessing Of A Spring (Or Well) # 2

V. Our help is in the name of the Lord.
R. Who has made heaven and earth.

V. The Lord be with you.
R. And with your spirit.

Let us pray.

We humbly beg of Your merciful kindness, Lord,
that You make this font of water holy
With a heavenly blessing,
and make it healthful for the common uses of life.
Be so kind as to drive away from it
every attack of temptation from the devil,
so that all who draw from it,
or drink of it,
or make use of the drawn water
in any need whatsoever of it,
may enjoy the delight of all strength and health,
and be worthy of giving thanks to You,
the sanctifier and the Lord and Savior of all men,
through Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

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