Blessing Of Diseased Cattle

O Lord,
deal not with us according to our sins,
nor reward us according to our iniquities.
Thou healest men and beasts,
for Thy mercy is great.
Thou openest Thy hand,
and fillest with blessing every living creature.

O God,
who hast decreed that the dumb animals
should help man in his labours,
we humbly pray Thee,
do not permit these animals to perish,
because without them
man cannot support and nourish himself.

We call upon Thy mercy, O Lord,
without ceasing grant that these animals,
afflicted with grievous disease,
may be restored to health in Thy name
and by the power of Thy blessing.
May all the power of the devil
be driven from them
so that they will languish no more.
Be Thou, O Lord,
the protector of their lives
and the healer of their ailments.

Turn away from us,
O Lord, we beseech Thee,
the scourges of Thy punishment
and drive off this disease
that attacks these animals,
as Thou punishest those who wander from Thy paths,
but givest Thy grace
when they have amended their lives.
Through Christ our Lord.


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