o exalted Father St. Benedict,
guide and patriarch of the monastic life,
thou art the hope and consolation
of all who cry to thee from their inmost heart.
To thy holy patronage I humbly recommend myself.
To thee do I pray,
to thee do I cry, O benign Father,
O sweetest Master!
With the utmost fervor of my heart,
and with the vehement desires of my soul,
I supplicate thee:
graciously intercede with God for me,
a poor sinner,
that He may mercifully grant the forgiveness of my sins
and perseverance in good.
O loving Father,
I most ardently beseech thee,
never permit me to be separated from God,
but pray that I may attain to the communion of saints,
to the happy vision of my Lord,
that with thee and the numerous choirs of they spiritual sons and daughters,
I may rejoice forever and ever.
This grant me, O Lord Jesus Christ,
who livest and reignest with the Father
and the Holy Ghost, one God,
forever and ever.


(SOURCE: Abbot Trithemius, from the Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration, Clyde, Missouri.)

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