Consecration Of The Family To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

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Sacred Heart of Jesus,
You made clear to Saint Margaret Mary Your desire of being King in Christian families.
We today wish to proclaim Your most complete kingly dominion over our own family.
We want to live in the future with Your life.
We want to cause to flourish in our midst those virtues
to which You have promised peace here below.
We want to banish far from us the spirit of the world which You have cursed.
You shall be King over our minds in the simplicity of our faith,
and over our hearts by the wholehearted love with which they shall burn for You,
the flame of which we will keep alive by the frequent reception of Your Divine Eucharist.
Be so kind, O Divine Heart,
as to preside over our assemblings,
to bless our enterprises,
both spiritual and temporal,
to dispel our cares,
to sanctify our joys,
and to alleviate our sufferings.
If ever one or other of us should have the misfortune to afflict You,
remind him, O Heart of Jesus,
that You are good and merciful to the penitent sinner.
And when the hour of separation strikes,
when death shall come to cast mourning into our midst,
we will all, both those who go and those who stay,
be submissive to Your eternal decrees.
We shall console ourselves with the thought
that a day will come when the entire family,
reunited in heaven,
can sing forever Your glories and Your mercies.
May the Immaculate Heart of Mary
and the glorious patriarch Saint Joseph
present this consecration to You,
and keep it in our minds all the days of our life.
All glory to the Heart of Jesus,
our King and our Father!

[Indulgenced May 19, 1908. Prescribed for the ceremony of Consecration, March 1, 1918. A Plenary Indulgence may be gained by the members of the family on the day of consecration, and every year on the day of renewal, under the usual conditions.]

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