Consecration To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary (For Religious And Laity)

Virgin of Fatima,
Mother of Mercy,
Queen of Heaven and Earth,
Refuge of Sinners,
we who belong to the Marian Movement
consecrate ourselves in a very special way
to your Immacualte Heart.

By this act of consecration
we intend to live,
with you and through you,
all the obligations assumed by our baptismal consecration.
We further pledge to bring about in ourselves
that interior conversion so urgently demanded by the Gospel,
a conversion that will free us of every attachment to ourselves
and to easy compromises with the world so that, like you,
we may be available only to do always the will of the Father.

And as we resolve to entrust to you,
O Mother most sweet and merciful,
our life and vocation as Christians,
that you may dispose of it according to your designs of salvation
in this hour of decision that weighs upon the world,
we pledge to live it according to your desires,
especially as it pertains to a renewed spirit
of prayer and penance,
the fervent participation in the celebration of the Eucharist
and in the works of the apostolate,
the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary,
and an austere manner of life in keeping with the Gospel,
that shall be to all a good example of the observance of the law of God
and the practice of the Christian virtues,
especially that of purity.

We further promise you to be united with the Holy Father,
with the hierarchy and with our priests,
in order thus to set up a barrier
to the growing confrontation directed against the Magisterium,
that threatens the very foundation of the Church.

Under your protection,
we want moreover to be apostles of this sorely needed unity of prayer
and love for the Pope,
on whom we invoke your special protection.

And lastly, insofar as is possible,
we promise to lead those souls with whom we come in contact
to a renewed devotion to you.

Mindful that atheism has caused shipwreck in the faith
to a great number of the faithful,
that desecration has entered into the holy temple of God,
and that evil and sin are spreading more and more throughout the world,
we make so bold as to lift our eyes trustingly to you,
O Mother of Jesus and our merciful and powerful Mother,
and we invoke again today
and await from you the salvation of all your children,
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.

[With ecclesiastical approval]

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