Consecration To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus # 5

Most loving Jesus,
I consecrate myself today anew
and without reserve to Thy divine4 Heart.
I consecrate to Thee my body with all its senses,
my soul with all its faculties,
and in short, my entire being.
I consecrate to Thee all my thoughts, words and deeds;
all my sufferings and labours;
all my hopes, consolations and joys;
and chiefly do I consecrate to Thee this poor heart of mine,
to the end that it may love nothing save only Thee,
and may be consumed as a victim in the fire of Thy love.
Accept, O Jesus,
thou dearest Spouse of my soul,
the desire which I have of consoling Thy divine heart,
and of belonging to thee for ever.
Take possession of me in such wise
that from this day forth I may have no other freedom,
save that of loving Thee,
and no other life,
save that of suffering and dying for Thee;
I put my trust in Thee without reserve,
and I hope for the remission of my sins
through Thine infinite bounty.
I place within Thy hands all my cares and anxieties,
especially as touching my eternal salvation.
I promise to love Thee and honour Thee
to the last moment of my life,
and to spread, as much as I can,
the worship of Thy most Sacred Heart.
Dispose of me, my Jesus,
according to Thy good pleasure;
I would have no other reward save Thy greater glory and Thy holy love.
Grant me grace to find my home in Thy divine Heart;
here would I pass every day of my life;
here would I breathe forth my last breath;
only do Thou establish in my heart Thy dwelling place,
the seat of Thy rest,
in order that we may thus remain inseparably united;
and so may I one day be able to praise Thee,
love Thee and possess Thee for ever in the kingdom of heaven,
where I shall sing without end
the infinite mercies of Thy Sacred Heart.


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