O Immaculate and wholly-pure Virgin Mary,
Mother of God,
Queen of the world,
hope of those who are in despair:
You are the joy of the saints;
you are the peacemaker between sinners and God;
you are the advocate of the abandoned,
the secure haven of those who are on the sea of the world;
you are the consolation of the world,
the ransom of slaves,
the comfortress of the afflicted.
O great Queen,
we take refuge in your protection.
After God,
you are all my hope.
We bear the name of your servants;
allow not the enemy to drag us to hell.
I salute you,
O great mediatress of peace
between men and God,
Mother of Jesus our Lord,
who is the love of all men and of God,
to whom be honor and benediction
with the Father and the Holy Ghost.


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