Marian Prayer Of Saint Francis Of Assisi # 2

Holy Virgin Mary,
there is none like you among women born in the world.
Daughter and handmaid of the heavenly Father,
the almighty King,
Mother of our most high Lord Jesus Christ,
and Spouse of the Holy Spirit,
pray for us to your most holy Son,
our Lord and Master.
Hail holy Lady,
most noble Queen,
Mother of God,
and Mary ever Virgin.
You were chosen by the heavenly Father,
who has been pleased to honour you
with the presence of his most holy Son
and the Divine Paraclete.
You were blessed with the fulness of grace and goodness.
Hail, Temple of God,
His dwelling place,
His masterpiece,
His handmaid.
Hail, Mother of God,
I venerate you for the holy virtues that,
through the grace and light of the Holy Spirit,
you bring into the hearts
of your devoted ones
to change them from unfaithful Christians
to faithful children of God.


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