Marian Prayer Of Saint Ildephonsus Of Toledo

I beg you, O holy Virgin,
that I may have Jesus
from the Spirit from whom you conceived Jesus.
May my soul receive Jesus through the Spirit,
through whom your flesh conceived the same Jesus.
Let it be granted to me to know Jesus from the Spirit,
from whom it was given to you to know,
to have and to bring forth Jesus.
May I in my lowliness
speak exalted things of Jesus in the Spirit,
in whom you confess yourself
to be the handmaid of the Lord,
choosing that it be done unto you
according to the angel’s word.
May I love Jesus in that Spirit
in which you adore Him as Lord,
contemplate Him as your Son.


Another version…

Holy Virgin, I beg you:
enable me to receive Jesus from the Spirit,
according to the same process
by which you bore Him.
May my soul possess Christ,
thanks to the Spirit
through whom you conceived Christ.
May the grace to know Jesus
be granted to me through the Spirit
who enabled you to know how to possess Jesus
and bring him forth.
May my littleness show forth
the greatness of Christ
in virtue of the Spirit
in whom you recognized yourself
as the handmaid of the Lord,
desiring that it be done to you
according to the word of the angel.
May I love Christ in the Spirit
in whom you adored Him as your Lord
and looked after Him as your son.

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