O Jesus, Son of God,
and you, O Mother Mary,
You desire that whatever You love
should be loved by us.
Therefore, O good Son,
by the love you bear your Mother,
to grant to me that I may truly love her.
And you, O Good Mother,
I beg you by the love that you bear your Son,
to pray for me that I may truly love him.
Behold I ask nothing that is not in accordance with your will.
Since this is in your power,
will my sins prevent this from being accomplished?
O Jesus, lover of all,
You were able to love criminals
and even to die for them.
Can you, then, refuse me,
who asks only the love of You and your Mother?
And you, too, Mary,
Mother of He who loved us,
who did bear Him in your womb,
and fed Him at your breast,
are you not able to obtain for one who asks it
the love of your Son and yourself?

May my mind venerate you both as you deserve.
May my heart love you as it should.
May my body serve you as it ought.
In your service may my life be spent.
Blessed be God forever.

Amen, Amen.

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