Most Holy Virgin Mary… (Dedication Of Oneself To Mary)

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God,
I am not worthy to be thy servant.
But moved by thy marvelous compassion
and my own desire to serve thee, here and now,
in the presence of my guardian angel
and the whole court of Heaven,
I choose thee as my Lady,
Advocate, and Mother.
I firmly purpose to love and serve thee always,
and to do all I can to inspire others to love and serve thee.

O Mother of God and my own most compassionate Mother,
I beseech thee, by the Blood which thy Son shed for me,
to receive me into the number of thy servants
as thy child and servant forever.
Assist me in all my thoughts, words, and actions
in every moment of my life,
so that every step I take,
every breath I draw,
may be directed to the greater glory of my God.

Through your powerful intercession,
may I never again offend my beloved Jesus.
Help me to love and glorify Him in this life.
Help me to love thee also,
dear and beloved Mother,
and to go on loving thee forever in the happiness of Heaven.

My Mother Mary,
I commend my soul 4to thee now,
and especially at the moment of death.


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