Novena To St. Aimo (April 21 – April 30)

[Repeat the following prayer for 9 days in a row.]

Saint Aimo,
You went to the Benedictine Monastery of Savigny as a young man.
In charity you stayed and cared for two monks with leprosy
despite the risk to yourself.
Your selfless act of charity won favor with the other priests
and you were invited to enter the priesthood yourself.
From your seat in heaven
we ask you to bath us in prayers
as you bathed the men with sores during your life here on earth.
Pray that we may see Jesus in our neighbor
and think more of their wellbeing than our own.
Pray that our spirit may always be looking upward toward heaven
and we will lose interest in the things of this world.
Pray for our young people
that they will seek to serve others as you did.
We place our petitions in your humble hands

[Mention your intentions here…]

and trust that you will present them
before Our Heavenly Father.


St. Aimo,
Pray for us.

St. Aimo,
Pray for us.

St. Aimo,
Pray for us.

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