Novena To St. Alphonsus Liguori # 1 (September 24 – August 1)

Glorius Saint Alphonsus,
loving father of the poor and the sick,
all your life, you devoted yourself with a real heroic charity
to lightening their spiritual and bodily miseries.
Full of confidence in your tender pity for the sick,
since you yourself have patiently borne the cross of illness,
I come to you for help in my present need.

(Mention your request here…).

Loving father of the suffering, Saint Alphonsus,
whom I invoke as the Arthritic Saint,
since you suffered from the disease in your lifetime,
look with compassion upon me in my suffering.
Beg God to give me good health.
If it is not God’s will to cure me,
then give me strength to bear my cross patiently
and to offer my sufferings in union with my crucified Savior
and His Mother of Sorrows,
for the glory of God and the salvation of souls,
in reparation for my sins and those of others,
for the needs of this troubled world,
and for the souls in purgatory.

Say 1 Our Father…

Say 1 Hail Mary…

Say 1 Glory Be…

Saint Alphonsus, patron of the sick,
pray for me.


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