Novena To St. Anna Schaffer (September 27 – October 5)

[Say the following prayer on a daily basis for 7 consecutive days.]

Glorious St Anna Schaffer,
intercessor for the handicapped,
bedridden, and accident victims,
plead for us.
You became disabled after an accident
when boiling your employer’s laundry
which left you severely burnt and scarred.
Dear Saint, you were humble,
pure and patient.
Please obtain for me from our risen Jesus
the request I make of you.

(Mention your request here…)

Be kind to me for the greater glory of God,
and I shall honour you
and spread your devotion far and wide.

Dear St Anna,
by your stigmata
you miraculously participated
in the sorrowful passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Faced with extreme financial hardship
which was made worse by your inability to work any longer,
you never lost hope
and started knitting garments for people,
since you could still use your hands.
We implore you to also intercede
for those who are faced with money problems
due to disability.
You suffered pain,
prayed when you could not sleep at night
and always kept your deep love
and gratitude for our Lord.
Obtain for me
the grace of Christian hope and serenity.
Assist me also to bear any sufferings of this life
with pious resignation
and with a positive attitude,
and protect me in all my needs.


Say 1 Our Father…

Say 1 Hail Mary…

Say 1 Glory Be…

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