Novena To St. Anthony Of Padua # 8 (June 4 – June 13)

Saint Anthony, glorious for the fame of your miracles,
obtain for me from God’s mercy
this favor that I desire

(State your specific need or intention here..)

Since you were so gracious to poor sinners,
do not regard my lack of virtue
but consider the glory of God
which will be exalted once more through you
by the granting of the petition
that I now earnestly present to you.

Glorious Wonderworker, Saint Anthony,
father of the poor and comforter of the afflicted,
I ask for your help.
You have come to my aid with such loving care
and have comforted me so generously.
I offer you my heartfelt thanks.

Accept this offering of my devotion and love
and with it my earnest promise which I now renew,
to live always in the love of God and my neighbor.
Continue to shield me graciously with your protection,
and obtain for me the grace of being able one day
to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
there to praise with you the everlasting mercies of God.


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