Novena To St. Francis Xavier

Most amiable and most loving
St. Francis Xavier,
in union with thee
I reverently adore the Divine Majesty.
The remembrance of the favours
with which God blessed thee during life,
and of thy glory after death,
fills me with joy.
I implore thee to obtain for me,
through thy powerful intercession,
the inestimable blessing of living
and dying in the state of grace.
I also beseech thee to obtain the special favour
I ask of this Novena.

(Make your request here…)

But, if what I ask is not for the glory of God,
and the good of my soul,
I pray and desire that
which is the most conductive to both.


Pray for us, St. Francis Xavier.

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let Us Pray.

O God, Who didst vouchsafe,
by the preaching and miracles of Saint Francis Xavier,
to join unto Thy Church the nations of the Indies,
grant, we beseech Thee,
that we who reverence his glorious merits
may also imitate his example,
through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


Pray three times the
Our Father… and
Hail Mary…
in memory of St. Francis Xavier’s devotion to the Most Holy Trinity,
and ten time the Glory Be To The Father…
in thanksgiving for the graces received during his ten years of apostleship.

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