Novena To St. Joseph # 10 (March 10 – March 19)

In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.

O Saint Joseph,
my patron and my advocate,
to you do I have recourse
that you may obtain for me that grace for which I humbly pray.
It may well be that the disappointments
and the bitterness in my life
may be the just punishment for my sins.
But even If I should have to recognize my own guilt,
need I lose hope in obtaining the help of the Lord?
‘Oh no,’ would be the answer of your devoted client,
Saint Theresa, ‘indeed, nor all you poor sinners.
No matter how great your needs,
turn to the powerful help of Saint Joseph.
Go to Saint Joseph with sincere confidence
and rest assured that your pleas will be heard.’

Following the teaching of Saint Theresa,
therefore, I present myself before your glorious throne,
0 Holy Saint Joseph
and beg for your powerful intercession in my present tribulations.

Bring my petitions before the throne of God,
that by your power and mercy
I may obtain that which of myself
I would not be worthy to receive.
And grant that having obtained the favorable answer to my petition,
I may return to your altar
and there fulfill my devotion of praise and thanksgiving for your Intercession.

Remember O most merciful foster father of the Lord Jesus,
that no one who has ever had recourse to you was left unaided.
Countless are the graces and favors which you have obtained
in answer to the prayers addressed to you.
The sick, the oppressed, those who suffer injustice,
the betrayed, the abandoned, in short,
all who have had recourse to your protection
were aided in their afflictions.
O Holy Saint Joseph,
do not leave me to be the only one to be deprived of your help.
Show yourself kindly and generously even to me,
so that my prayers of thanksgiving for your mercy
may rebound for the greater glory of God.

O Saint Joseph,
head of the Holy Family,
I venerate you from the profoundest depth of my heart.
To the afflicted who have appealed to you before me,
you have granted comfort and peace.
Console even my own poor afflicted soul.
You know all my needs, Saint Joseph,
even before I set them before you in prayers.
O powerful Saint Joseph,
you know how important this petition is for me.
I place all my hope in your intercession.

Grant me the answer to the favor
for which I so desperately pray
and I pledge myself to spread your devotion everywhere and to support,
within the limits of my abilities,
those charities which, in your name,
aid the afflicted and the dying throughout the world.

Saint Joseph,
consoler of the afflicted,
have mercy on my Sorrow.


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