Novena To St. Joseph # 6 (March 10 – March 19)

We have already implored, blessed Joseph,
the help of our Lady, your sinless spouse.
In our affliction we now turn with confidence to you also,
and beg you earnestly to take us under your protection.

On earth you were one in love
with the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God.
You cherished the child Jesus with a father’s affection.
We know, then,
that you will look graciously on our petitions
because we have been purchased at the price of Christ’s life.
We are sure you will assist us,
glorious St. Joseph,
by your power and strength.

Because you were the watchful guardian of the Holy Family,
please watch over us,
Christ’s chosen offspring.
Like an alert father kindly keep far from us
every taint of error or corruption.
From your place of glory on high
come to aid us in our conflict with the powers of darkness.

When the child Jesus was in peril of His life,
more than once you rescued Him.
So save His holy Church now
from the deceits of its enemies
and from every adversity,
Please shield us now, great St. Joseph,
by your fatherly care.
Help us now to imitate your example and virtue
so that we may lead a holy life,
die a happy death,
and enjoy your company forever in Heaven.


V. St. Joseph, whom the infant Jesus so much loved,
R. Grant us what we ask.

Assist us, Lord,
by the merits of your foster father, St. Joseph,
spouse of Your most holy Mother.
May his help gain for us what our own efforts cannot.
This we ask through You,
Who lives and reigns with God the Father
in the union of the Holy Spirit,
one God, world without end.


(Franciscan Mission Associates, Mount Vernon, NY, USA)

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