Novena To St. Oscar Romero (March 13 – March 24)

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Repeat the following Novena prayer everyday for 9 consecutive days.

Lord Jesus Christ, we come to you
through the intercession of your Saint and Martyr, Oscar Romero.
Your grace has made him a living example
of your justice and compassion.
He came to know that to all who come to you for your help,
you show your compassion and healing power.
You are closest to us when we are weakest
and most in need of your help.
You ask us to be close to each other,
especially the poorest, as Oscar was.
I ask you now to listen to my prayer during this Novena,
and grant what I ask.

(short period of silence to present your Novena intention,
said inwardly to Jesus…)

If what I ask is not for my own or others’ good,
grant me always what is best,
that I may build your kingdom of love in our world.

Blessed Oscar,
pray for us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
have mercy on us.

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