Novena To St. Raphael The Archangel # 2 (September 20 – September 29)

Blessed Raphael, archangel and friend,
God the Father called you to be a force for healing in the world,
touching wounded hearts, bodies, and minds
with the might of the Holy Spirit.
Dear Raphael, help us to put aside our limited,
worldly habit of judging and condemning ourselves
and others when we do wrong,
and to replace it with Christ’s perspective of healing the wounds
we all incur in living as imperfect beings in an imperfect world.
In that spirit I ask now that you use your swift and silent wings
to bring to God this request:

[Insert your prayer request here].

Guide us always to the people through whom God is waiting to make us whole,
and help us to be sources of loving healing to them.
We pray this in the name of Christ our Lord.


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