Novena To The Ugandan Martyrs # 1 (May 25 to June 3)

Mary, Queen of Peace!
To you we commend the men,
women and children of Uganda.
Through your prayers,
may the Spirit of God grant lasting peace
and prosperity to their nation.
May the light of Christ cast out the spiritual darkness
which breeds selfishness,
violence, hatred for others
and contempt for their rights.
May all hearts be opened to the power of God’s love.
May those divided by ethnic or political antagonisms
learn to work together
in order to build a society of justice,
peace and freedom for their children.

Mary, Queen of Martyrs!
To you we commend the Christians of this country.
May the noble example of Saints Charles Lwanga
and the Uganda’s Martyrs
inspire them to offer their lives
as a sacrifice pleasing to God.
May their faith in Christ be seen
in the holiness of their lives
and in their charity towards their brothers and sisters.
Strengthen priests and Religious
in fidelity and apostolic zeal,
and grant that more and more young people
may respond generously to God’s call
to serve him in the Church.
By your loving intercession,
may Christians be beacons of hope,
letting their light shine before men,
a leaven of Gospel values
working for the spiritual and moral renewal of Ugandan society.

Mary, Mother of all who believe!
May all Christ’s followers in this country
draw ever closer together in a spirit
of mutual respect and cooperation.
May they bear ever more fraternal witness
to the reconciling love of Jesus the Redeemer.
Impelled by the Spirit of love,
may they help spread the light of the Gospel
to all the people of Uganda.

Mary, Mother of Sorrows!
Look with mercy on those who suffer.
Be close to the victims of violence and terror,
and console those who mourn.
May Jesus your Son grant comfort
and peace to all the sick and dying,
and may he strengthen those
devoted to their physical and spiritual care.

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Mary, Queen of Africa!
Lead all people into the Lord’s Kingdom of holiness,
truth and life.
You who freely said “yes” to God
and became the Virgin Mother of his only Son,
remain ever close to your children in Uganda.
May they be reborn in hope,
and may God’s saving plan be fulfilled in them.
Through them, may all Africa come to know
and love the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

[Source: © Copyright 1993 – Libreria Editrice Vaticana]

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