O Mary, Mother Of Mercy… (For Humility)

O Mary, Mother of Mercy,
pray to thy Divine Son for me, a poor sinner;
beg Him to make me humble.
Oh, how humble art thou, the purest of Virgins;
thou, my powerful mediatrix;
thou, O most holy among the children of Adam,
who art the exalted Mother of God!
Thou didst declare thyself the handmaid of Him
Whose Mother thou art.
Behold, my dear heavenly Mother,
how gladly I would dedicate myself to thy Divine Son,
that His Will may also be mine.
But my pride, my self-esteem, my vanity,
are always against me.
I struggle against them,
and yet I allow them to surprise and deceive me so often.
Oh, how this afflicts me!
Mary, Refuge of Sinners,
if I were only sincere when I beg of thee
to obtain humiliation for me.
But alas, whilst praying for such helps to humility,
I fear the granting of my prayer.
I clearly see better things;
I even desire their possession
and yet I shrink from what alone can give me true humility.
Behold my trials, my combats in this valley of tears!
O my dearest Mother,
if to be freed from this body would give glory to God,
how gladly would I not lay down my life.

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