O My Most Loving Mother

O my most loving Mother, Mary,
as your little child I give you my hand:
take it and guide me this whole day,
so that I may do the Holy Will of God in all things:
in fighting against the world,
the flesh, and the Devil,
in conquering by means of those graces
which thou dost give to all who humbly seek them from thee.

Hence, I resolve to avoid the occasions of sin,
mindful that thou dost give grace not so
that I may be invincible when I would want,
nor that I might love the things of this world,
but so that as your little child
I might love God above all things,
with a pure and humble heart,
knowing that without God and your charitable intercession
I am good for nothing.

O my Mother,
I intend to gain all the indulgences which I can,
today and all days,
and I give them to thee,
for the poor souls in Purgatory.
I ask thee for all the graces necessary
for the eternal salvation of myself and of all sinners.
Forgive me for all my trespasses
and teach me to walk in the way of salvation.

Carry me to Heaven
and be with me all the days of my life.


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