Our Lady Of Aparecida

Lady Aparecida, a son of yours
who belongs to you unreservedly “totus tuus”
called by the mysterious plan of Providence
to be the Vicar of your Son on earth,
wishes to address you at this moment.
He recalls with emotion,
because of the brown color of this image of yours,
another image of yours,
the Black Virgin of Jasna Gora.
Mother of God and our Mother,
protect the Church,
the Pope, the bishops, the priests
and all the faithful people;
welcome under your protecting mantle men
and women religious,
families, children, young people,
and their educations.
Health of the sick and Consoler of the afflicted,
comfort those who are suffering in body and soul;
be the light of those who are seeking Christ,
the Redeemer of all;
show all people that you are the Mother of our confidence.
Queen of Peace and Mirror of Justice,
obtain peace for the world,
ensure that Brazil and all countries
may have lasting peace,
that we will always live together
as brothers and sisters
and as children of God.
Our Lady Aparecida,
bless all your sons and daughters
who pray and sing to you
here and elsewhere.


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