Petition For Our Lady To Be Present At Our Death

Most holy Virgin Mary,
by the love and fidelity with which thy Divine Son,
when fastened to the Cross,
confided thee to Saint John,
I confide to thee my soul, my body,
my thoughts, words, actions, and life,
especially the end thereof,
that moment which will decide my fate for eternity
as thou didst invite thy Son to thy most holy death,
so also I invite thee to mine,
entreating thee to be present thereat,
in the name of the love
with which thou didst assist at the dying of Jesus.

By the tears thou didst shed at seeing Him
incline His head and expire in such torments,
vouchsafe in thy maternal bounty,
to watch beside me and the members of my family,
and leave us not until thou hast introduced us into Paradise.


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