PRAYER FOR THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (Written by Saint Bonaventure)

We beg the all-merciful Father through Thee,
his only-begotten Son made man for our sake,
crucified and glorified for us,
to send upon us from His treasure-house the Spirit of sevenfold grace,
Who rested upon Thee in all His fullness:

the spirit of wisdom,
enabling us to relish the fruit of the tree of life, which is indeed thyself;

the gift of understanding:
to enlighten our perceptions;

the gift of prudence,
enabling us to follow in Thy footsteps;

the gift of strength:
to withstand our adversary’s onslaught;

the gift of knowledge:
to distinguish good from evil by the light of Thy holy teaching;

the gift of piety:
to clothe ourselves with charity and mercy;

the gift of fear:
to withdraw from all ill-doing and live quietly in awe of Thy eternal majesty.

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These are the things for which we petition.
Grant them for the honor of Thy Holy Name,
to which, with the Father and the Holy Ghost,
be all honor and glory, thanksgiving, renown,
and Lordship for ever and ever.


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