Powerful Prayer in Honour of Saint Vincent Pallotti

Saint Vincent Pallotti,
you were molded by God, the infinite love.
You answered God’s call to serve Him.
You were there for those seeking counsel,
for the sick, for the youth and the aging,
for the rich and the poor,
for people of any profession and walk of life.
All were important to you.
You wanted to inspire each and every one
for the Kingdom of God,
reminding people of their duty
to be apostles and preparing them for this work.

Now I call upon you to intercede for me.
Help me to pray.
Help me to pray only for what I truly need,
what I can truly use,
what is for my salvation and the honour of God.
You received many graces and gifts from God.
You always thanked God beforehand,
as if your prayer had already been answered.

Saint Vincent Pallotti,
I ask you to submit my petitions to God.
Be my helper
as I place this prayer before God the Father,
through Jesus Christ.
Do not leave me without your help.
Bless me.
Show me the way to Christ.
Through the Spirit,
lead me to the Father.


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