Powerful Prayer in Honour of Saint Vincent Pallotti

Saint Vincent Pallotti,
you were molded by God, the infinite love.
You answered God’s call to serve Him.
You were there for those seeking counsel,
for the sick, for the youth and the aging,
for the rich and the poor,
for people of any profession and walk of life.
All were important to you.
You wanted to inspire each and every one
for the Kingdom of God,
reminding people of their duty
to be apostles and preparing them for this work.

Now I call upon you to intercede for me.
Help me to pray.
Help me to pray only for what I truly need,
what I can truly use,
what is for my salvation and the honour of God.
You received many graces and gifts from God.
You always thanked God beforehand,
as if your prayer had already been answered.

Saint Vincent Pallotti,
I ask you to submit my petitions to God.
Be my helper
as I place this prayer before God the Father,
through Jesus Christ.
Do not leave me without your help.
Bless me.
Show me the way to Christ.
Through the Spirit,
lead me to the Father.


In this spiritually rich and profound prayer, believers beseech the intercession of Saint Vincent Pallotti, a zealous servant of God, whose life was marked by his dedication to serving others, irrespective of their social status or occupation. This prayer seeks guidance and assistance in discerning one’s true needs and desires, while also acknowledging the importance of gratitude and faith in Divine Providence.

I. Invocation of Saint Vincent Pallotti
The prayer begins by invoking the holy figure of Saint Vincent Pallotti, an exemplar of divine love and service, who responded wholeheartedly to the call of God to tend to the spiritual and temporal needs of others.

II. Saint Vincent’s Ministry and Mission
The supplicant recalls Saint Vincent’s tireless efforts to guide and counsel people from diverse backgrounds, ministering to the sick, the youth, the elderly, the affluent, and the impoverished alike. His unwavering commitment to the betterment of all souls was deeply rooted in his desire to inspire each person to further the Kingdom of God and to fulfill their apostolic duties.

III. Request for Saint Vincent’s Intercession
The individual humbly petitions Saint Vincent’s intercession, asking for assistance in prayer and discernment of their true needs and desires. The supplicant seeks guidance in praying for those things which will aid in their salvation and bring glory to God.

IV. Acknowledgement of Saint Vincent’s Gratitude and Faith
In this section, the prayer emphasizes Saint Vincent’s remarkable trust in God’s Providence, expressed through his gratitude for the divine graces and gifts he received, even before they were bestowed upon him.

V. Submission of Petitions to God
The supplicant implores Saint Vincent to present their prayers and supplications to God, acting as a powerful intercessor and advocate on their behalf.

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VI. Final Appeal and Benediction
The prayer concludes with a heartfelt appeal to Saint Vincent to remain steadfast in providing assistance, guidance, and blessings, as the supplicant strives to draw closer to Christ and ultimately, through the Holy Spirit, to be led to the Father.

This prayer to Saint Vincent Pallotti eloquently captures the essence of his life and mission, while inviting believers to seek his intercession in their own spiritual journeys. Through his powerful advocacy, the faithful are encouraged to discern their true needs and desires, remain grateful for God’s gifts, and, above all, deepen their relationship with the Holy Trinity.

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