I adore and praise Thee,
O my Divine Jesus,
Son of the living God,
and I desire to make satisfaction for all the outrages which I,
the most miserable of Thy creatures,
have offered Thee in all the members of Thy Blessed Body,
and particularly in Thy adorable Face.
Hail, worshipful Face,
disfigured by spittle
and hardly to be recognized through the cruel treatment
which Thou didst receive from the impious Jews.

I salute Thee, O Blessed Eyes,
all bathed in tears,
which Thou didst shed for our salvation.

I salute Thee, O Blessed Ears,
assailed by blasphemies,
insult, and cruel mockeries.

I salute Thee, O Blessed Mouth,
filled with graces and tenderness for poor sinners,
but embittered with vinegar and gall
by the monstrous ingratitude of that people
whom Thou didst choose from among all nations.

In reparation for all these ignominies,
I offer Thee all the homage which is given Thee
in that holy place where Thou
art please to be honored with a special worship,
uniting myself therewith.

At the sight of Thy Most Holy Face,
dear Jesus, so disfigured by bruises,
I cry out with St.Augustine:
“Lord Jesus, impress upon my heart Thy sacred wounds,
that I may read therein at once Thy sorrow and Thy love;
Thy sorrow, in order to suffer every affliction for Thee.”

O Sorrowful Jesus,
when casting ourselves before Thy Adorable Face
to ask thee for the graces of which we have need,
we ask Thee above all
to order the interior features of our souls
that we may never refuse Thee and all that Thou,
Thyself, desirest of us through Thy holy commandments.

Praise be to Thee, O Jesus Christ,
for the most Sacred Grief of Thy adorable Face.
By this Sacred Grief and by Thy most Sacred Passion
pardon all the sins I have committed against Thee,
in thought, word, and deed,
and all negligence in Thy service,
and all sensuality
for which I have been to blame whether asleep or awake.

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Grant that I may be able to recall with devotion
Thy most pitiful pains suffered in Thy Sacred Face.
Grant me the grace to mortify my body,
and so to offer a pledge of my gratitude to Thee,
Who livest and reignest forever and ever.


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