Prayer of St. Vincent Pallotti Apostolic Prayer

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Eternal Father,
it is Your will that all should be saved.
Great is Your mercy.
Your Son, Jesus Christ died for all.
Teach all people to recognize You and love You.
With deep faith in Christ’s death
and resurrection we pray:
‘Send Forth, O Lord, labourers into Your vineyard
and spare Your people.’
Eternal Word, Redeemer of all creation,
convert all souls to You.
You have been obedient for all,
even to death on the cross.
Look upon the merits of Your Mother
and of all the angels and saints
who intercede for us.
Send forth, O Lord, labourers into Your vineyard
and spare Your people.
O Holy Spirit,
through the infinite merits of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
enkindle in all hearts
Your ardent love that can do all things,
that all may be one fold and one Shepherd,
and that all may arrive in heaven
to sing Your Divine mercy.
Queen of Apostles and all the angels and saints,
pray to the Lord of the harvest:
Send forth, O Lord, labourers into Your vineyard
and spare your people,
that united with you,
and the Father and the Holy Spirit,
we may all rejoice forever.


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