Saint Raphael the Archangel,
since God entrusted the young Tobias to your special care,
it is also His will that I invoke you as my companion through life.
I wish to honor you as I honor my Guardian Angel.

Noble and mighty Messenger of God,
I beg you to guard and protect me.
Conduct me on the way of life
as you accompanied young Tobias on his long and dangerous journey.
Warn me against every occasion of sin
and fill my soul with wholesome thoughts
and loving encouragement to practice virtue.
Intercede for me that I may share in your burning zeal
in God’s service and devoted love for His Divine will.

You know the value of my soul in the eyes of God.
Never let me forget that it was redeemed
by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.
Let no stain of sin disfigure the beauty of my soul
or rob me of my dignity as a child of God.

Forgive me, my Angel Friend,
for so often disregarding your advice and inspirations.
In the future I earnestly want to obey you faithfully,
as I wish to obey my Guardian Angel
who ever stands at my side
inspiring me to do good and to avoid evil.
I love you both sincerely,
and I am deeply grateful for your constant care of me.

Loving Archangel Raphael,
God sent you to the old Tobias and Sara
to heal and console them.
The Lord chose you to be a herald of blessings,
a guide to His friends,
a strong helper in time of need,
a healer of the sick,
and a conqueror of evil.
May your intercession with our King and Savior
help me to become a worthy messenger of His word by my good example,
and faithfully serve Him as a healer of souls
through my prayers and sacrifices
for the salvation of souls.

My dear Patron, Saint Raphael,
you told Tobias and Sara:
“Bless the God of heaven,
give glory to Him in the sight of all that live
because He has shown His mercy to you” (Tob. 12, 6).
Help me to thank Him for all He has done for my soul and body
through my Guardian Angel and through you.
May my whole life be a continual expression of thanks
for the mercy of God toward me.
Help me to follow your guidance as young Tobias did
so that I may enjoy your protection on this dangerous journey through life
and reach my eternal home in heaven,
there to praise the mercy of God toward me
in union with you and all the other Angels and Saints forever.


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Angel of God, my guardian dear,
To whom His love commits me here;
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guard,
to rule and guide.


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