My glorious and well-beloved patron, St. Alphonsus,
you have toiled and suffered abundantly
to assure to men the fruits of the Redemption.
Behold the miseries of my poor soul
and have pity on me.
By your powerful intercession with Jesus and Mary,
obtain for me true repentance for my sins
together with their pardon and remission,
a deep hatred of sin,
and strength ever more to resist all temptations.
Share with me, I pray,
at least a spark of that fire of love
with which your heart always burned.
Grant that, following your example,
I may make the will of God the only rule of my life.

Obtain for me also a fervent and lasting love of Jesus,
and a tender and childlike devotion to Mary,
together with the grace to pray without ceasing
and to persevere in the service of God
even to the end of my life,
that I may finally be united with you
in praising God and most holy Mary
through all eternity.


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