First-Called Apostle of our God
and Saviour Jesus Christ,
thou high follower of the Church,
most praiseworthy Andrew!

We laud and glorify thine apostolic labours,
we lovingly commemorate thy blessed coming to us,
we revere thine honorable sufferings
which thou didst bear for Christ;

we venerate thy sacred relics,
we honour thy holy memory,
and firmly believe that the Lord liveth
and that thy soul liveth as well,
and thou remainest with him for all ages in heaven,
where thou hast the same love for us as when thou,
in the Holy Spirit,
didst foresee our conversion to Christ;

and thou dost not only love us,
but prayest also for us unto God,
seeing all our needs in His light.
Thus we believe and this our faith we confess,
O Saint Andrew
[in the church splendidly erected in thy name,
and where thy relics repose,
and believing,
we ask and pray our Lord,
God and Saviour Jesus Christ that by thy prayers,
always heard and accepted by Him,
He may grant us sinners
all those things needful unto our salvation:
that as thou, according to the Lord’s voice,
didst promptly leave thy nets
and follow him unwaveringly,
each of us might seek not that which is his own,
but think rather of the profit of his neighbor
and his higher calling.

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And, having thee as a representative and intercessor,
we have hope in thy prayers,
which avail much before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
to Whom belongeth all glory, honor and worship,
with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
unto ages of ages.


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