With a heart full of sincere and filial veneration,
I prostrate myself before You,
O Blessed Saint Ann,
You are that beloved and privileged creature who,
because of your extraordinary virtue and
sanctity did deserve of God that chief of graces,
of giving life to the treasury of grace,
the Blessed among women,
the Mother the Incarnate Lord,
the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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In consideration of such exalted favors,
please O most tender Saint,
receive me among the number of your truly devoted servants,
for such I profess myself to be
and wish to remain for the rest of my life.
Surround me with your efficacious patronage
and obtain for me a knowledge of my sins and sorrow for them,
an ardent love of Jesus and Mary,
and a faithful and constant observance
of the duties of my state in life.
Save me from all dangers in life
and assist me at the hour of
my death that I may safely reach Paradise,
there to praise with you,
most happy Mother,
the Word of God made man in the womb of your most pure daughter,
the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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