St. Catherine,
Most blessed and favored patron saint,
Thou who sought the truth with perseverance,
loved the truth in humility,
taught the truth in charity,
and defended the truth with courage,
pray for us.
Obtain for us the grace to persevere in truth,
to be a light in the darkness of the times in which we live,
and to convey to others,
both in our written words and in our actions,
the responsibility, wisdom, and knowledge
to proclaim the truths of our holy Faith
as proclaimed by the Church.
O holy virgin and bride of Christ,
whose letters inspired, guided, and led the Church
to renewal and transformation,
obtain too for us the grace to live the truth,
the patience to endure the trials and hardships,
to carry our Cross in the spirit of prayer and self denial,
and to defend the Church in its hour of crucifixion.
We ask these in Christ’s name.


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