Brother Gerard,
you spent your life in union with Jesus Christ,
help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Brother Gerard,
you desired to give yourself to Christ in the religious life,
obtain for us the grace to follow our vocation in life.

Brother Gerard,
you were filled with empathy for the poor and suffering,
obtain for us the gift of compassion for those in need.

Brother Gerard,
your prayers to the Lord brought healing to the sick,
obtain for us the power to bring the healing presence of Jesus to those in need.

Brother Gerard,
the Passion of Jesus moved you to imitate His Redemptive Love,
obtain for us the grace to accept our sufferings for the salvation of the world.

Brother Gerard,
you brought back to the Church those who were abandoned,
obtain for us the zeal to welcome people back to the community of the faith.

Brother Gerard,
you were devoted to the Blessed Sacrament,
obtain for us a vibrant love for the Holy Eucharist.

Saint Gerard,
your intercession is felt in the lives of many
who call upon you in their need.

Hear us as we lift our voice in prayer.
Obtain for us a greater love for Jesus Christ.

Help us to imitate your generous love for the poor and suffering.
Assist us with your prayers and obtain for us the help we need.


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