Mighty head of lineage,
sinners’ sanctuary,
safe shelter of the souls,
effective help to distressed mankind,
sweet consolation to forsaken people,
glorious St. Joseph,
the last breath of my life will come someday;
my soul will feel grieved
before my bad life and my many sins,
the last step to eternity will be hard,
the devil, my foe,
will try to defeat me
with all the infernal powers
to make me lose God for all eternity;
my natural strength will be nil,
I won’t have any human help,
so from now on I invoke you, my father,
to your patronage I adhere,
assist me in that moment
so that I do not falter in my faith,
hope and charity;
when you died,
your Son and my God,
your Spouse and my Lady,
chased away the demons
not letting them to fight against your spirit.
By those favours and for those that in your life
you received from them
I plead you to drive away those enemies of my soul
so I can end my life in peace
and in love with Jesus,
Mary and you, St. Joseph.


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