O Holy Joseph,
chaste spouse of the Mother of God,
most glorious advocate of all
who are in danger or in their last agony,
and most faithful protector of all the servants of Mary,
your dearest spouse,
in the presence of Jesus and Mary, do,
from this moment,
choose you for my powerful patron and advocate,
for the obtaining of a most happy death;
and I firmly resolve
and purpose never to forsake you,
and never to say or do,
or even to suffer any under my charge
to say or do anything against your honour.
Receive me, therefore,
for your perpetual servant,
and recommend me to the constant protection of Mary,
your dearest spouse,
and to the everlasting mercies of Jesus my Saviour.
Assist me in all the actions of my whole life,
all which I now offer to the greater
and everlasting glory of Jesus and Mary,
as well as to your own.
Never, therefore, forsake me;
and whatsoever grace you see most necessary and profitable to me,
obtain it for me
and now at the hour of my death,
to which I now invite you
against the uncertain hour in which it shall happen,
that whatsoever at this moment,
and on my deathbed,
I cannot of myself obtain,
may by your gracious intercession be bestowed on me
by the Saviour of my soul,
our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who, together with the Father and the Holy Ghost,
liveth and reigneth world without end.


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