Queen Of The Most Holy Rosary… (Supplication To The Immaculata)

Queen of the most holy Rosary,
Help of Christians,
refuge of the human race,
victorious in all the battles of God,
we prostrate ourselves in supplication before thy throne,
in the sure hope of obtaining mercy
and of receiving grace and timely aid in our present calamities,
not through any merits of our own on which we do not rely,
but only through the immense goodness of thy mother’s Heart.
In thee and in thy Immaculate Heart,
at this grave hour of human history, do we put our trust;
to thee we consecrate ourselves,
not only with all of Holy Church,
which is the mystical body of thy Son Jesus,
and which is suffering in so many of her members,
being subjected to manifold tribulations and persecutions,
but also with the whole world,
torn by discords,
agitated with hatred,
the victim of its own iniquities.

Be thou moved by the sight of such material and moral degradation,
such sorrows, such anguish,
so many tormented souls in danger of eternal loss!
Do thou, O Mother of mercy,
obtain for us from God a Christ-like reconciliation of the nations,
as well as those graces which can convert the souls of men in an instant,
those graces which prepare the way
and make certain the long desired coming of peace on earth.
O Queen of peace, pray for us,
and grant peace unto the world in the truth,
the justice, and the charity of Christ.
Above all, give us peace in our hearts,
so that the kingdom of God may spread its borders
in the tranquillity of order.
Accord thy protection to unbelievers
and to all those who lie within the shadow of death;
cause the Sun of Truth to rise upon them;
may they be enabled to join with us
in repeating before the Savior of the world:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good will.”

Give peace to the nations
that are separated from us by error or discord,
and in a special manner to those peoples
who profess a singular devotion toward thee;
bring them back to Christ’s one fold,
under the one true Shepherd.
Obtain full freedom for the holy Church of God;
defend her from her enemies;
check the ever-increasing torrent of immorality;
arouse in the faithful a love of purity,
a practical Christian life,
and an apostolic zeal,
so that the multitude of those who serve God
may increase in merit and in number.
Ask thy Son to send us holy priests
and in numbers to serve the needs of the Catholic faithful.
Be thou the mother of priests and seminarians,
keeping them pure,
devoted to thee and thy Son,
maintain them as men set apart
and exclusive for serving the Holy Trinity and thee.
Do not let the torrents of worldly woes touch them.
And give us a more tender love for thy Immaculate Heart
so that we may draw closer to thee
and to them by praying for them faithfully.

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O Mary, Mother most pure,
through whose compassion we have received the holiest of priests;
O glorious Patriarch, St. Joseph,
perfect model of cooperation with the Divine call;
O holy priests,
who in Heaven compose a choice choir about the Lamb of God:
obtain for us many good vocations
in order that the Lord’s flock,
through the support and government of vigilant shepherds,
may attain you the enjoyment
of the most delightful pastures of eternal happiness.

Finally, even as the Church and all mankind were once
consecrated to the Heart of thy Son Jesus,
because He was for all those who put their hope in Him
an inexhaustible source of victory and salvation,
so in like manner do we consecrate ourselves forever
to thee also and to thy Immaculate Heart,
O Mother of us and Queen of the world;
may thy love and patronage hasten the day
when the kingdom of God shall be victorious
and all the nations,
at peace with God and with one another,
shall call thee blessed and intone with thee,
from the rising of the sun to its going down,
the everlasting “Magnificat” of glory,
of love, of gratitude to the Heart of Jesus,
in which alone we can find truth, life, and peace.

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