Star Of Sea And Ocean

Star of sea and ocean,
Gateway to God’s haven,
Mother of our Maker,
Hear our prayer, O Maiden.
Welcoming the Ave,
Gabriel’s simple greeting,
You have borne a Savior
Far beyond all dreaming.
Loose the bonds that hold us
Bound in sin’s own blindness
That with eyes now opened God’s own light may guide us.
Show yourself our mother;
He will hear your pleading
Whom your womb has sheltered
And whose hand brings healing.
Gentlest of all virgins,
That our love be faithful
Keep us from all evil,
Gentle, strong, and grateful.
Guard us through life’s dangers,
Never turn and leave us
May our hope find harbor
In the calm of Jesus.
Sing to God our Father
Through the Son who saves us,
Joyful in the Spirit,
Everlasting praises.

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