Blessing Of An Engaged Couple

(Sign of the Cross)

In the Name of the Father,
and the Son
and the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father,
we praise You for Your goodness
in bringing us together to celebrate in joy.
Grant that all our festivities
may be for your honour and glory.

We ask this grace
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Let us pray for N. and N.
and for their families and friends,
and ask God’s help for all in need:

(Moment of silence)

Lord, bless N. and N.,
and help them as they prepare for marriage.
We pray to the Lord.

R. Lord, hear our prayer.

Keep them holy and pure in their lives,
deepen their spirit of prayer and love,
and lead them in perfect joy.
We pray to the Lord.

R. Lord, hear our prayer.

Bless their parents, families and friends,
and lead us to help N. and N.
by our prayer and example as they prepare to marry.
We pray to the Lord.

R. Lord, hear our prayer.

Have mercy on all who suffer need or pain,
and through our generosity and love,
bring them help and consolation.
We pray to the Lord.

R. Lord, hear our prayer.

Concluding prayer…

hear our prayers in Your love.
Bless this couple, and help them as they prepare
to celebrate the sacrament of marriage.

Father, we ask this grace through Christ, our Lord.


Blessing of the ring…

Father in heaven,
bless + this ring,
and grant N. and N. Your grace,
so that they may prepare worthily
for the sacrament of marriage,
and live as Your beloved children.

Grant this, Father, through Christ, our Lord.

Blessing of the engaged couple…

May almighty God bless you, N. and N.
May He grant you love and happiness,
peace and joy, and strength in trials,
all the days of your life together.

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May almighty God,
Father, Son, + Holy Spirit,
give His blessing to you for ever and ever.


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