Catholic Prayer to Know God’s Will

Prayer to Know God’s Will – 1

O God, You are our Creator. You are
good and Your mercy knows no bounds.
To You arises the praise of every creature.
O God, You have given us an inner law
by which we must live. To do Your will
is our task. To follow Your ways is to
know peace of heart. To You we offer
our homage.

Guide us on all the paths we travel
upon this earth. Free us from all the evil
tendencies which lead our hearts away
from Your will. Never allow us to stray
from You.

O God, judge of all humanity, help us to
be included among Your chosen ones on
the last day.

O God, Author of peace and justice,
give us true joy and authentic love,
and a lasting solidarity among peoples.
Give us Your everlasting gifts. Amen.

Prayer to Know God’s Will – 2

May it please the supreme and divine Goodness
to give us all abundant grace
ever to know his most holy will
and perfectly to fulfill it. Amen.

Prayer to Know God’s Will – 3

Lord, if what I seek be according to Your will, then let it come to pass and let success attend the outcome. But if not, my God, let it not come to pass. Do not leave me to my own devices, for you know how unwise I can be. Keep me safe under your protection Lord my God, and in your own gentle way guide me and rule me as you know best. Amen.

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